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Chimney repair services Swansea – Dunvant Building Services

Your chimney is exposed all year long to the elements like wind and rain. It should be checked regularly for any damage. It is important your chimney is in excellent condition. Whether your chimney has storm damage, ice damage or maybe time has worn your chimney out Dunvant Building Services can repair your chimney and restore it to its original state.

We do all sort of chimney repair services in Swansea like re-pointing, lead flashings and aprons, rendering your stone, brick repairs or replacement and chimney capping. Doing repairs quickly will keep cost down and will prevent more expensive repairs. Keep your chimney safe and contact us today for an inspection or a quote to restore your chimney.

Chimney repair contractor Swansea

Checking and maintaining your chimney will keep costs down in the long run.

Chimney re-pointing Swansea

Re-pointing, lead flashings and aprons, brick repairs or replacement and chimney capping.