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Lintel Replacement & Repair Services Swansea

Lintel replacement or repair can be required when you notice cracks above your windows or doors. Cracks are always a warning sign that something isn’t right. If they appear above your doors or windows it is essential to call an expert to have a look at the cracks and check if your lintels need to be replaced or repaired.

Dunvant Building Services offers an excellent lintel replacement and repair service. Lintels are in integral part of the structure of your property and when cracks appear they require immediate time and attention.

Problems with lintels normally have a natural deterioration. In older buildings lintels are made from timber, stone or mild steel. These materials can be weakened over time due to our damp weather causing rot or corrosion , compromising the lintels strength. Whatever the cause Dunvant Building Services can help you and we will repair or replace your lintels to the highest quality.

Lintel Replacement & Repair Services Swansea

Excellent lintel replacement services in Swansea and surrounding area.